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The value of dockage is always mentioned by the greatest length, the vessel or the place of berthing that will occupy
For mooring of one day, the entry should be made after 14h and departure at 12 pm the next day.

Discounts and packs:
* Winter: 7 months - Oct / Apr: includes 20% discount
** Combined (8 months marina + 4 anchorage): 2 months Offer - 1 month of high season and low season 1 = 25% discount
*** Summer: Includes 10% discount (months from May to September - Single payment until 15/05)
a) The CNS is not responsible for any damage. Only accept registration of boats with insurance for own damage and third party's(goods and people)
b) Registration of boats, will only be accepted through the booklet photocopy presentation and safe
c) At the time of entry for bookings over one month, the partner undertakes to inform the CNS of their departure 30 days in advance to avoid the next month's payment
d) declare accept that communications and / or notifications will be made by simple registered letter to address now shown, this being considered convenciada address for all legal purposes and must report any changes to it in writing

All the above points are exclusive to members. For we do not have partners only available daily table to which must be added the VAT rate in force

Technical Information

Technical Informations

The Clube Naval de Sesimbra is equidistant between two of the main cities of Portugal, 32 km south of Lisbon (the country's capital and International port) and 32 km west of Setubal (International port), and distant 147 km north of Sines (International and petrochemical complex port).


Latitude: 38º 26'2 N
Longitude: 9º 06'7 W
VHF Local Call: Channel 16
VHF Comunications: Channel 9 e 12


Accessibility by Land:
Sesimbra County roads have two main roads:
The EN 378, between Seixal and Sesimbra, which is the north-south connection between the bridge 25 April and the Lisbon and the EN 379, between Palmela and Santana that connects east to west, to the county of Setúbal and the North-South link between the Vasco da Gama bridge and Lisbon.
Currently access to the port of Sesimbra, whatever the chosen alternative (EN 378, EN 379), after arriving Santana, we ended up snaking along the valleys that open to the sea, in a stunning and desirable way. We are located in the end of the fishing harbour, near the marina. Follow the road in front of the sea to the West and you'll find us in the end of that road.



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